Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First timer to #IntJC? Don't fret! Join!

So you have read some transcripts of #IntJC past sessions, you are involved with interpretation in a way or another, in settings that may or may not be related to conference interpreting, you are feeling uneasy to join next time, say hello and exchange?

Don't fret, because:

1. Although it may feel like it, #IntJC is not only for conference interpreters, practitioners or students. I myself am not related to conference interpreting and if many participants belong first to the world of conf terps, it is simply because the community interpreters, the public service interpreters, the medical interpreters, the judiciary interpreters, the liaison interpreters, the people who jumped into interpreting without training and swam through their own paths (I am one of them), all those people into interpreting that are often disconnected with any professional socializing dynamics (not a member of any terp association or discussion groups, maybe for the lack of such dynamic), who never discuss interpreting but just do it, are simply under represented. Despite this being indeed the current situation, you are welcome to join whatever your background is.

2. #IntJC are open sessions. You don't registrate, you don't call in advance, you aren't ask to show your credentials. Yet, you read a few transcripts and felt overwhelmed by the shower of distant hugs and greetings at the start and end of each session. You are feeling uneasy because it feels like entering the party room where everybody knows each other but you. Fact is that there are regulars and despite the distance, it creates connexions and reciprocal appreciation. But sessions are totally open. #IntJC's dynamic relies on participants views, experiences, questionings and knowledges  like yours. Don't fret. Come to next #IntJC session.

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