Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#IntJC Session 20 Discussion Points are here

Thanks to The Interpreter Diaries' author for coming up with these discussion points. Read them, spread this page link and join Session 20 on Saturday 1st.

Q1. The concept of stretchwork refers to 4 ways to get work when you lack the skills:
1) perform exceptionally, 2) get referrals through networks, 3) bluff and 4) offer discounts. How do these apply to interpreters?

Q2. Can you think of an example of creative stretchwork from your own CV that might inspire fellow interpreters?

Q3. What do you think about stretchwork (in both directions) between translation and interpreting? Should interpreters stretch beyond interpreting or "stick with what they know"?

Q4. Should there be an "ethics of stretchworking"? (eg where do you draw the line between "bluffing" and lying/exaggerating on your CV? / what is the difference between offering discounts and undercutting colleagues?)

Q5. Do you ever get tired of having to stretch to new areas and wish you could just stay put?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Announcement: Session 20 coming on September 1st

Session 20 of The Interpreting Journal Club is coming on September 1st. Topic is "Stretchwork, or how to jump into new territories". Read the details here, spread the word wide and large and join.