Thursday, July 19, 2012

#IntJC Session 19 Discussion Points

Now, these are the official discussion points for the coming session 19 of The Interpreting Journal Club. Read the program details here. Spread the word and join. 

Q1. What is your take on “collaboration of freelance interpreters”? What forms can it take, for what objectives?

Q2. What do you see as hindering the possibility of collaboration to turn real?

Q3. What are the reasons for some freelancers to turn away the very idea of collaboration? What is at stake? What are the factors that induce this attitude?

Q4. How does competition dissolve into collaboration? Can both be managed together?

Q5. Does collaboration need a sense of crisis to be considered or implemented?

Q6. What is your take on the idea that “collaboration has the potential to generate new markets”?

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