Wednesday, June 13, 2012

#IntJC Rankings and Trends

Pageviews by Countries
United States
South Korea

This current list for the day doesn't inform much about The Interpreting Journal Club dynamic. What is missing (and was available a while ago) is an all time view of accesses to this blog by countries and regions. South America would pop up strong in the list.

Yet, there is another more telling angle to evaluate participation to #IntJC sessions. It is the correlation of followers of this blog as well as the dedicated page over Google+ with effective participation. If you read this, you may have to wonder why you are following either stream when the absolute majority of registrants never show at any session.

The same goes with RTers over Twitter. Most people nice enough to RT about new sessions announcements effectively never show up. This show of never consumed love and remote empathy, as welcome as it is, is ...  puzzling. It must exemplify the natural and human follower's attitude highlighted under the spotlights of social network that blurs the meaning of presence and action, lurking and joining. But of course, time constraints and this swirling planet do not engage to wake up in the middle of the night, or leave the family meal table between cheese and dessert, to log in and board the live conversation.

Therefore, another dimension is the number of access to transcripts. You can see the list over two pages here. These are busy and the access numbers  are hard to detect but they are all here. On the shelves, older bottles get drunk more but the current all time smashing session so far is Session 13: The invisible interpreter, with 687 hits, followed by a close 652 hits for Session 8 : Becoming a better simultaneous interpreter.

Does this come as a surprise? Should we, in good marketing fashion, tackle sequel wise once again the same topics? Or are we daring enough to probe the unknowns, the wild? Shall we prefer to sit next to someone we share something with, or someone with whom we may be building bridges? I choose the second option. Come to #IntJC next session to be announced here and over many other channels worldwide, including yours :).

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