Friday, May 11, 2012

#IntJC Session 16 Discussion Points

Session 16 of The Interpreting Journal Club is coming on Saturday 12th. Check schedule, topic and background material here

Discussion points:

Q1. How does “liaison interpreting” relate to your current/past training as an interpreter (granted you went through formal training)?

Q2. To what extent has “liaison interpreting” be part of your working experience?

Q3. As mentioned in the article, if “communicative competence is one of the primary goals of language learning”, what are the primary goals of interpreting learning?

Q4. It is usually granted that you don’t learn languages in interpreting school, but come sufficiently equipped with languages competence to be trained in interpreting. Is that true? What are your experiences?

Q5. From your point of view as a professional interpreter, trainer or student, from what elements of interpreting training could language training benefit?

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