Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some musing on possible coming topics at #IntJC and possible extensions

This I would like to set up:

- Isn't interpreting cross cultural communication as seen and managed from the eye of the storm? What is the impact of "otherness" awareness when you interpret from a booth as opposed to inside a (many) face to face setting? Public service interpreting is a topic (should be a plural) not considered seriously so far over #IntJC. Related to this, the French writing author Shumona Sinha who worked as a public service interpreter in judicial and refugee settings wrote last year a novel titled "Assommons les pauvres!" (Let's knock down the poors!). Read the short introduction in English here and you will see how that matters to this initiative. A message to anyone reading this: I would like to get in touch with Shumona Sinha and have her participate to a future #IntJC session/ Does anyone know here? Better ask, you never know.

Also a video interview in French. The book has not been translated yet.

- It is hard to get "famous" on board at #IntJC. Not that the initiative is looking to be patted on the shoulders at having a celeb tweet. Besides, we already have so many top class interpreters, trainers and students participating to and promoting #IntJC, and the initiative is so much geared at horizontal professional communication development (no pyramids allowed) that the need and lust to have "celebs" in are close to nil. We can do without you, but it would be nice to have you on board. That is my unambiguous message to the interpreting world celebs, as I am accumulating no-answers from "people" mentioned in books, as authors, in initiatives related with advanced tricks and technologies related to interpreting. It is turning endemic  and a sign of how things have been so far. But a journal club - par définition - doesn't need  to have authors attending in order to exist. Yet it would be nice to have some cross the border. If you are a celeb in the world and interpreting, come down here. The atmosphere is nice and cool.

- Sign language: this is a total foreign territory to me but I would like to have a session that deals with SL and get enlighted. For this, I need more than ever guidances and ideas from professionals. Raise you hands and get in touch.

- Hangouts (videoconferencing sessions) as follow-ups to #IntJC sessions: this could prove to be too much, but where Twitter is similar to some extent to surfing - or roller costing at times - there could be room for more with a smaller group (10 people maximum) willing to dig the topic deeper.

Now, your feedback is more than welcome. Use the comments, jump to Google+ or private mail me.

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