Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#IntJC Session 14 Discussion Points

#IntJC Session 14 is coming next Saturday, March 31st. Check details on topic and schedule over The Interpreting Journal Club official web site.

Here are the discussion points. Please do join.

Q1. In this paper, the author positions “being open-minded to cultural difference” as the key strategy to raise “intercultural awareness”. What is “being open-minded to cultural difference”?

Q2. The author highlights “high level of linguistic proficiency” as a key to nurture “intercultural awareness”. Do you see something missing in this approach?

Q3. How much are your B and C languages grounded into “intercultural awareness”?

Q4. How do you deal with “global languages” like English or Spanish and nurture “intercultural awareness” in absence of a territorial referent?

Q5. Whose role is it to teach “intercultural awareness”? Can it be taught?

Q6. What would you recommend as strategies to raise "intercultural awareness"?

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