Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#IntJC is not only for interpreters

Calling for broadening the participation to horizontal professional dialogs now growing in and around the rich and multidimensional realm of language interpreting.

The regular thematic chat sessions over Twitter that is The Interpreting Journal Club are not solely for interpreters. They are also for:

- Interpreters
- Teachers of interpreting
- Trainers
- Lecturers
- Students
- Future students
- Interpreters with no formal training
- Interpreters with not enough training
- Interpreters who wish they could train or retrain

but also:

Interpreting market players:

- Interpreting services users, yes, end-users, corporations and all entities that hire interpreters
- Interpreting services intermediaries, yes, the middlemen
- Interpreting related devices providers
- Interpreting related devices developers
- Interpreting related organizations, federations, associations, leagues, etc.

If you are reading this, chances are you fit to at least one of the categories listed above. Chat can be serious and professional. #IntJC chats are geared toward professionalism and serious fun, that is the elation to engage into a surfing type of horizontal dialogs.

You have two options, both coming with no requisite for registration or appointment of any kind:

- Lurking in total anonymity
- Participating to a coming session

Don't push the opportunity to jump into this initiative for "sometime in the future". The future is now and chances are close to 100% that you have never seen nor participated in horizontal dialogs like these ones.  Check for yourself now and tag your meeting agenda.

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