Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#IntJC Discussion points for session 12

Here the discussion points for the coming session on Saturday. Read the schedule details, rules and recommendations, pass the word around and join the professional discussion!

1. As a (potential) learner/teacher of interpreting using real-time, interactive distance learning technology, what is your opinion on the usefulness of this technology for interpreter training?

2. Do you see distance teaching/learning as an adjunct to face-to-face classes, or is it possible to teach an entire course using virtual platforms only?

3. Can you think of any ways that distance learning might help you acquire new skills over your career?

4. What are you already teaching remotely, or what would you like to teach in the realm of interpretation?

5. Skype and Google+ Hangouts (videoconferencing) allow for
distance teaching/learning for small groups outside of schools and structured curricula. What is your experience in teaching/learning this way? What potential do you see for this type of approach?

6. How can interactivity be enhanced and student motivation sustained with real-time distance teaching/learning?

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