Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#IntJC Special format for Session 9: Come with your own questions

The coming Session 9 on Saturday is the first time with have the author of the text join us. Aurora Matilde Humarán has confirmed she will be online from Buenos Aires. This is the first time we have a session with the author of the topic material and we will be sailing for some one hour and a half without much of a map and a method. In order to trial test a dialog with the author, we will do two things:

1. The discussion points, part of which are simple survey questions, will be dealt with if possible in a somewhat accelerated manner.
2. Participants are invited to ask questions or express their views to the author regarding the many arguments the article contains. Let's be sure to read the article through and through, and come ready with some questions so that we can have a valuable, courteous and constructive exchange with the author. 

We will try to have this session format fine tuned over the time to allow for more sessions with key persons and authors. See you online on Saturday. 

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