Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Discussion Points for Session 9

Session 9 of The Interpreting Journal Club will try a slightly different format than the usual set of discussion points. Why? Because we are expecting to have the very author of the article participating. Therefore, a more than ever courteous and fruitful dialog oriented format should be welcome.

There are questions though, but consider these as a quick survey we will do to start with. We will then have all participants ask questions and react to the article and the meanings implied in it.

Here are the survey questions:

1.Are you a member of an association of interpreters?

2. If yes, which association(s)?

3. If no, what are your reasons not to join?

4. If you are a member, what are the benefits?

5. What could your association do better?

6. What do you see as threats in your domain of practice?

7. Are your associations taking a stance towards these threats?

Now, there are several requests this time:

- Spread the word.
- If you are a member of an organization, association, community of interpreters, spread the word inside and invite representatives to join. We want the points of views of associations to be expressed and discussed to.

See you online at the coming #IntJC Session 9.

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