Saturday, January 28, 2012

Announcement: Session 10 February 4th

#IntJC The Interpreting Journal Club topic for Session 10, February 4th : "Justice on the cheap", the case of the UK Ministry of Justice outsourcing legal interpreting services. 

Read the details here, spread the word and join!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

#IntJC Consider joining the Circle in Google+

If you wish to be part of the #IntJC Circle over Google+, go to the link down there and add the page to whichever circle on your side. You may create for instance a Circle called "Pages" or anything else. In response, I will add you to the #IntJC Circle. This is not automatic though. I need to be in front of my computer so there may be a delay. 

However, there is no obligation to do so. Announcements about #IntJCwill still be dispatched multichannel as usual, starting with Twitter and the initiative web site here, what with spontaneous promotion, blogging and retweets from other participants. However, it may be a convenient way to stay in touch, and for you to take the initiative and get in touch one-to-one with colleagues, and get a better feel of the potential of Google+ business wise (no ad purpose).

Remember that #IntJC is no association, there is no membership, no club, no listing, no organizational framework here besides spontaneous participation and the will to do it. 

All of you are welcome, seasoned or not, consec or simul, sign language, in conference, in social, business, medical, legal, liaison or any theater you can think about, beginners, students, teachers, interpreters with or without formal training, interpreters with many other professionals hats, without distinction.

#IntJC Page over Google+

Friday, January 20, 2012

#IntJC over Google+

Are you using Google+? There is a Page now to gather our assets there and communicate even better. Add this page to your Circles, and be added back to #intJC Google+ page.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#IntJC Special format for Session 9: Come with your own questions

The coming Session 9 on Saturday is the first time with have the author of the text join us. Aurora Matilde HumarĂ¡n has confirmed she will be online from Buenos Aires. This is the first time we have a session with the author of the topic material and we will be sailing for some one hour and a half without much of a map and a method. In order to trial test a dialog with the author, we will do two things:

1. The discussion points, part of which are simple survey questions, will be dealt with if possible in a somewhat accelerated manner.
2. Participants are invited to ask questions or express their views to the author regarding the many arguments the article contains. Let's be sure to read the article through and through, and come ready with some questions so that we can have a valuable, courteous and constructive exchange with the author. 

We will try to have this session format fine tuned over the time to allow for more sessions with key persons and authors. See you online on Saturday. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Discussion Points for Session 9

Session 9 of The Interpreting Journal Club will try a slightly different format than the usual set of discussion points. Why? Because we are expecting to have the very author of the article participating. Therefore, a more than ever courteous and fruitful dialog oriented format should be welcome.

There are questions though, but consider these as a quick survey we will do to start with. We will then have all participants ask questions and react to the article and the meanings implied in it.

Here are the survey questions:

1.Are you a member of an association of interpreters?

2. If yes, which association(s)?

3. If no, what are your reasons not to join?

4. If you are a member, what are the benefits?

5. What could your association do better?

6. What do you see as threats in your domain of practice?

7. Are your associations taking a stance towards these threats?

Now, there are several requests this time:

- Spread the word.
- If you are a member of an organization, association, community of interpreters, spread the word inside and invite representatives to join. We want the points of views of associations to be expressed and discussed to.

See you online at the coming #IntJC Session 9.