Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Session 2 - Discussion Points

Here are the discussion points for session 2 to take place on Saturday Sept 24th, 10 pm Tokyo time. Read more here and come to session 2.

Q1. Do you believe that a certain amount of stress is healthy? Why? 

Q2. How do you manifest job-related stress? What type is it, subjective, behavioral, cognitive, psychological or organizational? Is there a difference in the way you manifest professional stress vs. personal stress?

Q3. Do you find that the typical environment where you do most of your work adds or detracts from other stressors?

Q4. What do you find more stressful, the preparation for a demanding assignment or the actual delivery?

Q5. Do you agree or disagree that interpreters are exposed to more stressors than most other professions?

Q6. How do you control your stress levels?

Q7. Do you feel that stress is imposed upon you by circumstances outside of your control or that you feel it because you are letting it get to you?

Questions courtesy of Maria Cristina de la Vega. Thanks!


  1. Q1 I think that a certain amount of stress is normal sign while interpreting. We need some pressure in life. I recon that stress situation make sure you do your best in a challenging situation, whether it is surviving in a life threatening situation or just a stressful Monday.

  2. Q5 I think we, the interpreters, are exposed to stress, but there are other stresslike jobs as well, the most important fact is to know how to face and deal with the stressful situations.

  3. Q6 I admit, that as an interpreter I always must be 100% prepared for my assignments and sometimes it is inevitable to find yourself in a stressful situation because of the other stressor...client's reations, consequences, etc. Too much stress can deteriorate the outcome of your interpreting and no professional interpreter wants this. You must put more effort keeping 100% relaxed, selfconfident and concentrated when stressful situations occure. For an interpreter, speaking from my own experience, it is a douple effort because you have to convey a perfect interpretation and also you have to beat the stressors which you are surrounded by.